You could use the Anointing Oil for:

• your future goals
• a problematic area
• family
• your business/
  career decisions
• health
• when you feel
  stuck between a
  rock and a hard
• and so much more…

                                                            WHY MOUNT SINAI?

Mount Sinai is renowned as the principal site of divine revelation. It’s in this same location that Bishops blessed the oil that has been mixed to make this Anointing Oil, in the faith that, just as God came down on the sacred mountain, He will also appear in your life.

  “I liked Ese but my past hurt made it hard for me to trust. Eventually, my ‘Ice Queen’ routine pushed him away but by then, I knew I wanted to be with him. I had no clue how to win him back so I used the Anointing Oil – I needed God’s help. It definitely worked because today, Ese and I are happily married.”

The age-old practice of using blessed oil for anointing is symbolic of a blessing, protection and empowerment. While the oil itself has no magical properties, it can be used to awaken people’s faith to help them provoke the change they want to see. Many people fi nd it difficult to use their faith in God because He seems to be far away. The oil is tangible and therefore could aid in helping one’s faith come alive.

Simply place a small amount of the Anointing Oil on what represents difficulties or challenges in your life, and say a prayer asking God’s intervention. It’s like sending out a signal flare to the heavens asking for Divine intervention.

Remember, it’s faith in God that prompts the miracle; the oil is merely a point of contact between you and Him. So, believe and do not doubt.               

Lynda Akarovwe


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Sunday, 26 January • 11am


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