Benefits of a digital detox

Are there any benefits to switching off from your devices to give your mind a break? Of course, and science proves it!

Multiple studies have shown a strong link between excessive social media use and an increased risk of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Moreover, social media has been proven to create a compulsive habit.

Autoplay, the feature used on some websites and social networks works without the individual having clicked on play. The videos run on infinite timelines and usually lead to a person spending excessive time on their devices. In 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook even commented that he was really worried about “endless, pointless scrolling”.

Prior to that, in 2018, the creator of the infinite scroll mechanism on social media, Aza Raskin, said he regretted what his invention did to society. The goal was to make it easy and create the “most seamless experience possible for users,” but unfortunately, it ended up keeping them online for as long as possible.

Another study conducted on University students who underwent social media detoxes ranging between 1 to 7 days long reported positive changes in their mood, productivity and sleep.

This study amongst several others emphasises the benefit of taking time away from our devices and other distractions to reset our mind and reconnect with God.

That is why, at the Universal Church start  the 21 days Fast of Daniel, to bring about similar benefits and much more! It is a purpose of faith where you disconnect from all secular media, such as social media, news, books, games and music for 21 days, to connect with God.

The Fast of Daniel already commenced on Sunday 25th June and you are welcome to as well participate! If you would like to learn more about this fast, you can speak with an advisor at your local Universal Church.