Bishop Macedo visits prison in the United States in the state of Texas

Bishop Edir Macedo recently visited a prison in the United States, a country with the largest prison population in the world. The visit took place at the Goree Unit prison, in the city of Houston, in the state of Texas, on June 13th.

Bishop Macedo was accompanied by his wife, Ester Bezerra, Bishop Bira Fonseca, responsible for Universal’s work in English in the country, and volunteers from the Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) group -, project equivalent to the Rescue of Dignity (ROD) in UK & sweden

What was the message conveyed:

At least 110 detainees were able to listen attentively to Bishop Macedo’s words addressed to each of them present there.

“We didn’t come here to say ‘Jesus loves you’ or tell stories from the Bible. That’s not enough! We came here for you to have peace. And peace is only possible when you forgive. Forgiveness is one of the greatest challenges for incarcerated people. Because many have held grudges against their accusers, victims, judges, lawyers, friends, family and themselves. But you have the power to forgive; when you forgive, you are also forgiven. Regardless of the suffering caused by the hurt, decide today: ‘I’m going to let go of this hurt that I’ve been keeping, I’m going to forgive’, and you will receive the Spirit of Peace, the Spirit of Freedom, which is the Holy Spirit”, emphasised Bispo Macedo during the date.

In addition to the message about forgiveness, the Bishop also prayed and blessed one by one of the men who were there. Everyone also had the opportunity to watch the first chapter of the soap opera Genesis, produced by Record TV in Brazil.

What people who were there said:

Also present were Chaplain Holmes and the director of the prison, Tilley, who have given great support to Universal’s work with inmates in prisons in the US state of Texas.

“Regardless of all the difficulties, the event was very glorious. It was impactful. All who were present needed this blessing. Thank you very much UBB”, commented Chaplain Holmes.

“I am very happy to see that all of Universal’s work here at our unit has made our day-to-day work with prisoners easier. The programs and events that are held here have made us very satisfied, as they have made a difference in their lives,” said director Tilley.

“I am very happy with the result of this work, as some who were once behind bars are now assistants and others are volunteers in this work”, said Bishop Bira.

Find out more about the work:

Universal in the United States is present in 37 prisons. In Texas, the Universal Beyond Bars group has been operating for 6 years. Many programs have been carried out in these prison units, such as: IntelliMen; “Bulletproof Marriage”; “Inner Healing”; “Self Discipline” among others. In addition, the UBB also provides assistance to both the relatives of the detainees and those who are released.

Here in Sweden If you or someone you know would benefit from the work of the group in the capital area, we offer visits and spiritual guidance to inmates, you can find out more by visiting our Universal Church or calling us on 072 061 49 58