Come and see Event

On Sunday, 20th of August, we had the great event called “Come and See What Faith Can Do For You” with the special missionary visit of Bishop James Marques – who began the work of the Universal Church in Sweden back in 2008 and is currently responsible for the work of the Universal Church in England. 

On the day, many people joined us not only from Stockholm but other cities such as, Göteborg, Malmö, Luleå, Karlstad, as well as countries nearby such as Norway and Denmark. 

All those who joined us didn’t measure effort or distance because they were sure that they would experience God’s Power in their lives, and that’s exactly what happened! 

At the event, people received prayers based on the verses in Mark 9:22-23 where Jesus said to the father of the child who had an unclean spirit “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” It was determined that what had been impossible for them up until that day, would become possible from that day on through the power of God. After the prayers people shared how they were already feeling better and relieved.

The main message taken home from this great day was that “without God we can do nothing, but with Him we can do everything” based on the verses in John 15:4-5.

There were also real life testimonies of people who tried everything to be happy and complete but all their attempts only lead them down a path of suffering and consequently their lives were destroyed, however, when they came to the Universal Church and learned about faith in God and how it could change their lives, they put it in to practice and today their lives were transformed. 

Everyone left there strengthened and overjoyed for what God did in their lives that morning. And amazingly, the next day we already received feedback from people who joined us for the first time and were able to have a peaceful night of sleep after a long time, that received good news that they were waiting for so long, and until now the results keep on coming. 

What a remarkable day!

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