Drinking to take the pain away…

Unisocial volunteers mobilized to provide assistance to the needy population of the El Carmen neighbourhood, located in the province of Guayas, Ecuador, to distribute food and offer free health and beauty services.

According to the Regional Panorama of Food and Nutrition Security in Latin America report, Ecuador is the second country on the continent with the highest rate of hunger (15.4% of the population). Only Venezuela is in a worse situation, with 22.9% of the inhabitants.

Through the action of Unisocial, people in situations of social vulnerability had access to services such as blood pressure measurement, haircut and manicure. In addition, needy families received food aid baskets and clothes.

Calixta Castro, one of the beneficiaries of the action, tells her experience: “I arrived here sad, but now I leave happy because these foods arrived in good time”.

According to the person responsible for the action, Jimmy Carpio, the region lives in a precarious situation. “Our goal is to bring humanitarian aid so that people know they are not helpless, as many are unemployed and there are entire families in need,” he said.

The event also featured the participation of the Victory Youth Group (VYG) social program, which provided the population with moments of relaxation with a dance performance and soccer games.

For three weeks, members of the Unisocial program worked hard to collect non-perishable food and clothing. Around 40 volunteers were involved in the organization and realization of the event and, on the day of donation, made themselves available to provide care and emotional support to those who needed to hear a word of encouragement and hope.

For volunteer Maria Naspe, it is a privilege and a wonderful experience to help in these actions: “we know that there are many families that need support and, through donations, we can help children and adults to have something to eat”.

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