Homeless people are helped to cope

with intense cold in Moscow

Volunteers from the Night Angels group gather to bring physical and

spiritual food to the streets of the Russian capital

Volunteers from the Night Angel (Unisocial) group gathered in a reception space provided by the government, a place to serve meals during the day and at night they went out into the streets to distribute soup, bread and tea. And, in this way, help to alleviate hunger and the affects of the cold, especially at this time of year of intense cold and negative temperatures in the country.

Both actions took place on February 23 (Russian holiday: Day of the Defender of the Fatherland), when the city’s thermometers pointed -26ºC with the thermal sensation reaching -36ºC. During the day, the volunteers attended to dozens of people. The space provided by the government has tables, benches and support from security agents. Because of the cold in the Russian capital, homeless people are looking for hot food in these places.

“These actions are very important, as they demonstrate the church’s commitment to society. And, of course, the beneficiaries are people who live in precarious conditions. Therefore, the group’s work is extremely important in this scenario. Evidently, observing all the sanitary measures (in the fight against the pandemic), such as the use of a mask and gel alcohol, to protect everyone ”, said Pastor Allan Bideev, who followed the group’s actions.

Love to others accompanied by attitudes

In the evening, the group headed for the region of the ‘Yarolsavski Vacsal’ bus, train and metro terminal. In this place, dozens of homeless people are looking for a place to shelter from the very low temperatures and also receive a plate of hot food. On the occasion, in addition to tea and bread, they ate a traditional meal in the country, called ‘Borsh’, a red coloured soup prepared with beets.

“We are fulfilling what the Lord Jesus sent us to do when He said,” I was hungry and you gave me food “(quoting from the Bible in Matthew 25: 35). This is what we are doing, in fact, it is what He would do in our place. Love of one’s neighbor must be accompanied by attitudes. And we see gratitude in these people’s faces, ”commented volunteer Peter Andrianov. 

Food for the soul

The work is carried out fortnightly. In addition to meals, volunteers provide people with pamphlets about Universal’s faith meetings and copies of the Bible. To that, people usually react with great joy, because, in addition to the physical food that warms up from the cold, they still receive food for the soul that is the Word of God.

“Most have already lost all hope in life. So when we reach out to these people with the Word of God, they are given the opportunity to change their lives. For, as Our Lord Jesus said: ‘The spirit is what gives life, the flesh does not profit; the words I say to you are spirit and life ‘(John 6: 63), declared Bishop Gilcimar Taborda, responsible for the work of Univeral in Russia.