I finally have a reason to smile

“The emptiness that I felt ate away at me like a disease. I was miserable and unhappy with no direction, simply because I had allowed the negative words my grandfather had hammered into me, to pave a way for misery.

“You’re worthless.” “You’ll never make it.” “Don’t expect anything good to happen to you.”

They echoed in my head, sending me into depression. No one saw my tears on the outside, but they were there, staining me from the inside. I tried to forget, but I felt as if I wasn’t worth a penny.

However, my life took an unexpected turn. I realised that I am worth something. My grandfather’s words couldn’t hurt me anymore. I’ve changed so much that today, I finally have a sense of direction. I found the strength to forgive my grandfather and restore our relationship. I’m a new man with goals and dreams, and I believe in them and in myself.”

David Marques