Last Sunday, 5th of November we had the MEGA HELP 2023 event in Sweden, Stockholm. 

This event is hosted by the Help Project and has been taking place worldwide. Its aim is to bring value to life. 

It began with a dance called ‘Mental Health Dance’ presented by some of the Help Project volunteers. There was also some activities in between the performances where people competed against each other and got the chance to win some gifts.  

The second performance was a song called “Det är värt” with the message; don’t give up, your life is worth living. Everyone also received a keyring with short messages such as; “You have value, You are strong, Believe in yourself, Keep fighting…” They were invited to place it on their keys and every time they will look at it, they will remind themselves of their value.

The volunteers also presented a very special drama that touched those present, with the story of a young girl who grew up trying to do everything to be valued by people, but every disappointment made her value decrease. It reached a moment that she lost everything and consequently lost all her value. This lead her to give up and want to commit suicide. But someone rescued her and helped her understand that people can’t dictate her value, because her value begins when she first loves herself.

The event concluded with a real life story of someone who overcame their mental health problems and the message that although we may go through difficult moments, situations that we don’t expect, etc… this does not change the value that we have. Our value is in who we are and nothing and no one can change that. 

There was also a prize draw at the end where 2 youths won a gift card. It was a great afternoon where all those present really enjoyed the event.