This page was created with the purpose of clarifying facts that concern the work of the Universal Church, published by journalists in various media. The Universal Church works with transparency and is ready to answer any questions.

How it all began?

It all began on July 9, 1977, in Brazil, in a simple place, with few conditions, a bandstand in Jardim do Méier …

At the time, as a pastor, Edir Macedo, moved by an unshakable faith, began work, taking the Word of God to all who suffer. Every Saturday, carrying a keyboard, a microphone, a sound box and a Bible, Edir Macedo climbed the seven steps of the bandstand and began to preach. On the spot, a small group of people listened attentively to their words and every Saturday became faithful members.

Therefore, due to the increase in the number of people, he rented a place, which functioned as a funeral in the neighborhood of Abolition, with a capacity of 1,500 people and later for 2,000 people. This gesture was considered crazy in the eyes of many at the time due to the value of the rental being paid was very high. Because of the love for souls, Bishop visited in the neighborhood people who were in the difficult situation to attract the attention of the residents. However, it was thanks to this Faith that Bishop Edir Macedo succeeded in making the work solid, for to this day the Universal Church has continued growing.

What is the purpose of the Universal Church?

The Universal Church is neither accommodated nor content with the numbers achieved and also does not retreat from obstacles. It is always open from Sunday to Sunday in order to receive all the people who come to seek a solution to their problems, because for each case there is always a special message.

Since then, countless people who have faced problems, which in their eyes seemed impossible, have found permanent support in the Universal Church. The goal of the UCKG is to bring salvation to all through the Lord Jesus Christ. Currently, we can contemplate the expansion of the work in Europe.