How to be born of the Spirit

The birth of a child of God does not happen because of human meddling. No church or doctrine can cause you to be born of God, much less vast knowledge of the Bible. The birth of the Holy Spirit is a work that only He does, and the way He performs this miracle of miracles is the same as when Jesus was formed.

Mary asked the angel how Jesus could be formed inside her when she had had no contact with a man. Similar to her, most people believe that they are born of God when they accept Jesus as their Savior and are baptized in water. Though this is doctrinally correct it is not enough to receive this promised new birth.

The angel answered her:

The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. Luke 1:35

The same way that Jesus was formed in the womb of Mary, children of God are formed by the Holy Spirit – He covers them with His shadow. At that moment there is a lot of crying. First, sadness for the sins we’ve committed because the Spirit convicts us of this. And when we feel completely forgiven, we look for someone we can save. And once again the Holy Spirit points to the Savior.

At that instant, a person surrenders to the Lord Jesus with all his strength, all his heart and all his understanding. Then the tears of sadness transform into inseparable joy and happiness. From then on, that person starts to have God’s character and to live a new life.

Bishop Edir Macedo