On several occasions in the Bible, in the Old and New Testament, God uses the holy oil to represent or release His power upon something or someone. It was used to anoint the sick, to mark the tabernacle as holy ground, and to anoint those of significant importance, such as priests, kings, and prophets.

Today, the holy oil is used to awaken a person’s faith, so that they can see what they want to happen in their lives. It is a point of reference. When we use our faith, we are speaking God’s language; it causes His ears to be inclined towards us, giving us the assurance that we will be heard and our requests answered.

Now you will receive yours!

Bishops and Pastors blessed the holy oil at the altar of the Temple of Solomon, and on Sunday 31st January at your local UCKG branch, you will be able to use it as a way to activate your faith.

You can use it by determining that there will be prosperity, good health, protection, deliverance, unity in your family or marriage, justice, and whatever else you need God to do in your life. Extraordinary things can happen if you would only believe. The miracles of the Bible don’t just have to be a thing of the past. God’s greatness can be visible in your life and what is written must happen today.

You will only be able to receive the blessed oil on this day of the year, so don’t miss out. Also, you can invite those who would like to receive the blessed oil and get them to reserve their bottle of oil.

Call to reserve yours ☎️ 08612 12 55 📱072 061 49 58 ( WhatsApp)