The UCKG announces measures to prevent infection

Water, soap, alcohol gel, distance between seats: know all the measures adopted by the Church:

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God informs that care has taken in combating the spread of the coronavirus:

– In those places where a limit was imposed on the number of people in religious temples, Universal obeys the amount stipulated by the authorities and controls the entrance of the public. If necessary, the number of meetings is extended to serve all who seek the Church.

– Before entering the service, visitors are offered alcohol in gel or water and soap to wash their hands.

– Inside the temples, people are told to sit far from each other, keeping at least one or two empty chairs between them.

– Praying giving hands will be avoided.

– We also recommend that elderly people with weak health remain at home.

Universal is open and functioning, and observing all precautions.

Extra statement: