To Hell with Doubt!

Like God, the devil also works with the word…… 

Like God, the devil also works with the word. Doubtful words or thoughts generate fear and worry. Therefore, our emotional systems are shaken and the actions that follow are always compromising. That is exactly the formula of hell – to kill, steal and destroy.

There is no effective remedy to counter these sorts of attacks, apart from establishing our thoughts on the Divine Promises and reacting accordingly. Such reactions must be immediate in the mind itself with thoughts based on the Word. This counter-attack of faith combined with a good deal of confidence and perseverance will make them dissipate. This means submitting to God and resisting the devil. (James 4:7)

Good music, good advice, words of comfort, entertainment, or anything of the sort, work like aspirin. They relieve the pain but do not solve the problem. It is necessary to use the same tactic of our Lord when He resisted Peter’s emotional “advice”, by saying: Get behind Me, Satan! (Matthew 16:23)

  • Bishop Edir Macedo

Bishop Edir Macedo