Today the world weeps!

The streets are getting empty… 

We do not know if we are dealing with a biological weapon.
We do not know if any country developed this chaos for its own benefit.
Nobody knows if this is the consequence of man’s own intervention in nature.
Some say it is punishment from God.
Others speak of conspiracy theories.
Some people are optimist, others are not.
Some say we are living the apocalypse.
There is, however, one indisputable truth:

Regardless of the different ways of thinking,
This pause from God came in a timely manner.

Humanity is chronically out of control.
Mankind has no time to reflect on itself, neither to watch out for one another nor even to love their families.

This opportunity is so that we may put our own lives in order.
To review our concepts, our values and bring new meaning to our own existence…

This timely silence is HEALING!
The streets are getting empty.
Roads, bars, temples, schools, universities, airports are all shutting down…

There is certainly also, for those who are attentive, silence in Heaven.
Something profoundly spiritual is happening and a few can see it.
This is a reverent silence.

God is speaking.
Pains speaks.
It is time to straighten our paths.

Many are dying from COVID-19
But there are other, far worse viruses killing thousands of people every day.

Perhaps this moment is also a “blow” that God has given to us so that we can better look after the elderly and our families who are sometimes deprived of love – to look after one another more…

Let’s think!!!
May each one of us take this chaos and use it as a moment to reflect on our actions and our lives…

Let us bend our knees and ask God to have compassion on the world!!!


  • Bishop Edir Macedo

Bishop Edir Macedo