UniSocial goes to the streets of Stockholm

UniSocial goes to the streets of Stockholm

Our volunteers at the Universal church have now formed part of a group called the Night Angels which consists of Soul Winners, Caleb members and Assistants. The group is now extending our voluntary work on the streets of Stockholm. 

On Thursday evenings the members go out to reach out to those who are in despair. 

The initiative aims to help people who are in need with donations, assisting with their physical needs and to share with them a Word of faith giving spiritual upliftment. 

The donations are a temporary solution however through receiving the Word of God, we believe the mindset and lives of the individuals will begin to transform.

The Night Angels thrive to save souls and help those who are without hope rebuild their lives and above all receive Salvation.

Donations can be made to assist the Unisocial group reach the many that in need during these difficult times

For more information you can contact +46 72 061 4958